Anthony Cooper, Alchemist from Australia, creator of our spiritual products.

This series of spiritual aids is made of a mixture of oils and alchemy (alchemy is the art that people who change one thing to another thing, like precious metals to Gold or low frequencies to high frequencies do, they are called alchemists.)


Tony Cooper’s knowledge of alchemy is used in our mixtures. His products are to a high degree the reason behind our concentration on spiritual aids among our products whose intention is to connect us to a higher level of consciousness.

Most people believe that the spiritual world is something created by the religious world, but it is a lot more than that. The spiritual world is our life, and most of us do not know were LIFE comes from or what it is. What we know is that it is not created out of reality, and it is not an invention made from scientists. But most people believe LIFE belongs to the Universe. Since we are born into LIFE and when we die the LIFE leave our body.

We in Colour Energy believe that the Earth and all living thing here om Earth is made of the same stuff as what the Universe consists of, and that again means that the creator of the Universe is the Universe, then GOD must be the name of the spiritual world.

Since our planet Earth was created at that same moment as everything else was created, we have from the start developed us from the smallest cell and molecule, into an human race, and from thousands of years we have not change much, so we cannot fail to think that the human race must be one of the most fantastic creations in the Universe, but do we know that?

But we don’t doubt that God has created us in its picture.

And for that reason, we believe in a creator and use the aid of the creator in our teaching about Colours. Vi use the Sun as the supplier of LIFE energy to the Earth, we use everything that is contained in the colours of LIFE, vital minerals, the moral and ethical notions that comes with the 7 colours, and we enjoy the warmth and joy given us by the Sun in abundance, together with water which in turn gives new life on our planet.

But we need people like researchers from both sides of our understanding about what life is, the real life and the spiritual life, in order to learn more about what the Universe contains, and our Earth contains, and what we as humans contains. Because we must be meant to be used for something, and not only live to die.

Therefore, we hope that many will be receptive to more knowledge about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, we are humans and there is more within us than what we so far have understood.

Aura Cleanser

Most people have little knowledge and experience of what an Aura body is. In reality it is a high frequency electromagnetic system much like the phenomenon Aura Borealis which together with the gravity protect our North and South pole against even higher frequencies which will damage many of our inventions which we have based our lives upon, as an example telephone, computers, TV, power lines, micro wavers and many, many other technical inventions.

Our Aura Cleanser is based on essences given a treatment of Alchemy by Tony Cooper to strengthen the energy in our essences. You can spray this essence around you when you feel a kind of stress which does not feel natural for you.

E.g. you should never lie down on a treatment bench where many people have been treated before you. Because people who have problems and are being treated, must necessarily, if the treatment shall be of any help, get rid of the burden the body has left. So, when the patient leaves the bench, the problems have left the body, but they are still on the bench.

And now you are the next patient, maybe the bench will be covered with a new blanket, but it will not change the leftovers from the other peoples who have left their own dirt on the bench, it is still there, and up to three or four days before it moves up to the celling were it remains in the corners for many years unless someone that we call spiritual housecleaners do their work and dissolve the problem as an alchemist would have done.

Psychopathic cases are in most cases referred to psychotherapeutic care, or physiotherapy, masseurs, acupuncturists, healers or other more alternative treatments. All of them work with people and do their job, apart from cleaning up after their patients.

Our Aura Cleanser is made for this purpose and break these negative and often self-made accumulation and stagnation both in the body and the brain. The home is also often a “dirty” place, arguments and no good thoughts stay behind in the room and also in things, especially in Gold jewellery. Clean them get rid of this influence which harms your health and mood.

Spray this essence on everything you know may contain adverse effect and you have done something good for yourself and your loved ones. And never forget that your Aura body works closely with your immune system and your Spleen. So, one of our main obligations is to keep our body free from diseases, diseases are not a friend, but your Aura body is, take care of the friends you have.

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