Unconditional Love Essence

Two of our most difficult themes when it comes to understanding what the word love means. As the word for love covers many concepts of what love is, one must add additional words to explain what it is all about such as: Parent`s love,, youth`s love, adult love, human love and sexual love, nature love, animal love etc. But the most difficult of them all is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This type of love is hard to understand,, first because we will have to let go of our EGO relationship, we will have to think differently, and we must be different, and we must think differently, that means you need to put other people’s need before your own needs. And that again means that you must love others higher than your own need for love. It is a difficult task because we are brought up with: first myself, then myself, and then all the others.

This Essence you must place where you feel you are the most yourself, often it is in the heart region, and you can use it on the back of your hand, what we call the hand joint, which is also a place where the action energy is most clear. Suck in the smell through the nose and fill yourself with air and the love essence until everything feels good within you.

This is a good essence to share with others, it can only give love, and love is our best gift to everyone. If we lived a life filled with love to all living things, we would live a very healthy and rich life.