If you use Yoga as a contact between your body, your consciousness and the spiritual world, then the air that surrounds your body and your Aura body, must be clean and fresh, as well as the air in the rom must have a peaceful atmosphere.

Yoga is a fantastic medium between our physical body and our search after harmony and balance between body and spirit. All people an especially children should have training in body consciousness, because the strength we have as humans, lays in the knowledge an experiences our body acquires through movement, that again will be transmitted to the brain, and then stimulate the brain so it can give us a better total understanding about what the notion to be alive means.

To practice Yoga is good for all ages, both children and old bodies; it can be carried out in every country and among all living humans. It increases our contact with our world and it makes us capable to seek for more information about ourselves.

The Yoga spray cleanses our thoughts and our closest environment. To have clean air when you work with your body, mind and soul is important, because the air you breathe in must be fresh, if the message shall have room to find its place. And the good thing with Yoga is that it can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors, at the country or sea side at any times of the year.

Yoga is a good exercise for our body and mind. And our spray makes the air fresh and easy to breathe in, your yoga mat feels clean, and it deodorizes and disinfect surfaces like gym equipment’s bags and footwear.