Rainbow Serpent

When we talk about the rainbow serpent then it is the Kundalini energy we talk about. The movement of pure energy is a power that is streaming up from the lowest point in the spine. From there it will move up to the highest point where our consciousness rules.

This energy can be awakened, that is why we call it Kundalini serpent, a serpent that lies quiet and coiled up at the end of our spine. With special Yoga exercises and use of meditation the serpent can be awakened and for many people it is this awakening they mix with sexual experience. But if they experience it as a more spiritual revelation, they will get better insight about the spiritual life and the possibilities which lie in this Kundalini experience.

To experience that you have more resources then you had imagined and that you can get a kind of knowledge that you are a part of the All in All, can give you a new understanding that LIFE itself is you, that you are the choices, you are everything.

This is very difficult to think about in our reality world, we are taught to be humble and not think big thoughts about our self, but when you have been awakened that doesn’t happen. Then you have been shaken up and you feel a freedom from the burden that had followed you for many years and nearly paralyzed you for not being good enough. Now you are yourself, without ballast from the past.

It is not for everybody to throw oneself into what we call the full freedom, therefore it needs to be thought about, because the world is not simpler and better or easier to tackle from the other side. So if you shall look for complete freedom, you need first to find balance, your balance. When you know yourself, your capacity, your possibilities and your ability to meet all kinds of unpleasantness, and not least those outside powers that always surround us, then you can try it yourself. Start carefully if you have something you fear and want to get rid of, see it in front of you, feel the taste off it and think it’s gone.

Start to spray some drops over your head and in the palm of your hand and sniff in the smell, while you think about what will happen. Practice to get control over what you do not like with yourself, look at yourself and then let your ego go. Remember that you must always remember witch energy center you are concentrating on, because if you want to get it out, you must remember where the serpent is now.