Guardian Angel Essence

This essence has a purpose; it is made by Tony Cooper with a frequency that fits the name, a name that gives a meaning to us. Because when there are burdens in our thoughts that give us fear and insecurity, then we need help.

Some people need protection against other people’s negative behavior, a behavior that can’t be seen or heard. But to sensitive people they suffer from a horrible pain that cannot be explained as ordinary pain, but it feels like life is taken out of them.

Many people think that their thoughts are toll-free; they think they can think whatever they want as long as no one sees their thoughts. But animals and flowers see those thoughts and they feel them also. Flowers close their leaves and animal’s move away from them, but sensitive human’s pic up their thoughts as they were their own thoughts. Because no one known were thoughts comes from, we all think that our thoughts are our own thoughts.

But high sensitive people, those we often call Indigo people have what we call an innate ability to use a power that on the positive side is very valuable for each person. Their capacity for senses, the ability to see without seeing, hear without hearing is difficult for ordinary people, who do not even know that we all have those gifts, because we are all 1/7 part of each colour energy. So maybe we should start to learn more about WHO WE ARE?

Anyhow those who are not aware of their intelligence are suffering from negative behavior in many situations, because their suffering goes under the name of psychological sufferings until they become an illness, the body has taken the burden, now it has become more visible and real.

But it is a wrong understanding; it is a type of intelligence that has been neglected in our human history. Today we use many of that type of intelligence, as we call Indigo intelligence. We have Indigo people working in art, in the computer world, in science, but still there are many on the negative side who need help early in their life.

Our work in Colour Energy is to get all types of intelligence up at the same level. And we use Tony Coopers essence to help the Aura body to balance the positive attitude back again, and to lift the energy to a normal Indigo flow. The essence also helps the Aura shield to get strong again and protect the person from negative thought flow.