RED means physical power. It is an energy creating life-power, like the blood that flows through your veins and makes sure that the life-giving oxygen is transported from your lungs. This oxygen makes you breathe and bring more life to your blood. Surely, you can see a big difference between the people that are outdoors in the fresh air, and use their body during work or in sports, and the people that like to be indoors, in front of their computer or doing other mechanical work, where they use their head more than their body.

We call the physical human type RED people, not only because they often are muscular and have a fresh colour in their faces, but because they also have other features like courage, strength and stamina. Look at our website Colour Energy for learning about colours, there you will learn more about your positiv and negativ energy.  




This spray you can use daily, just spray over your head while breathing deeply to boost immunity or sanitize personal work or healing space. Spray on hands, chest and on feet to enhance immune system. And use the spray as a room deodorizer and to disinfect surfaces in areas of infectious diseases. 


This is an oil you can use to massage yourself when you feel stiff or tired in the neck, feet or wrists. Massage the oil generously to the nape of the neck, on wrists and on the feet or other areas where you feel it is needed. This you can do daily until you feel well again.


This is an easy helper when you feel that your neck is stiff, use it as often as you like. It is a friend, but remember to turn your neck every day, it is meant to be used so never be afraid of turning your neck to both sides of your body, and then there should be no need to use this helper any more.


To use old recipes with oils from the nature is logical thought and action, in old days they did not have antibiotic or other antiseptic medicine, but they had people that used their mind and brain knowledge to find out what the nature did to animals and birds. This remedy is based on that knowledge.

This series of 4 products are made for the Body, but since the Mind work just as much with their brain as with the Aura shield we have on our outer body, because we are protected at a certain level.

But what really works is our concern and care for our self. The matter of thoughtful consideration and love to the body itself is the key, but the lack of understanding about Who WE Are, can give the bacteria’s a good reason to stay where they want to be.

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