These concentrated, fast absorbing products are designed to revitalize and nourish the skin to reduce signs of aging as we get older.

Since the face is like a map of the way we think and act, most people do not like what they see in the mirror when they get older, wrinkles small or deep are not wanted, so they want to eliminate them, but wrinkles can also make the face beautiful. As we get older and mature we get wiser and more knowledgeable, so who wants to look like a baby in their face and body when they passed 40 years.

You should rather look at yourself in the mirror  to see what the map tells about you. If we love ourselves we will understand the map, if we do not like what we see, we have not taken care of ourselves.

Then it is time to realize that your mind and your body do not work together, it is like making a good life out of what you have inherited of DNA material and what you make out of the material you have. Start to make your face so that it shows that you have the personality you want, it is like all other kind of exercise you do yourself.

So with a little help from our natural ingredients for your skin and the way you look at your face and the memory you have printed there, you can start to change what you want. Wrinkles have you made yourself as a reflection of your life, so start to make new wrinkles that you like, what about smiling wrinkles or happy wrinkles or what about caring and helpful wrinkles?


This is one of our helpers for our facial care. The face is an image of who we are, and it is easy to see how we have lived our life. But why do so many want to hide who they are by taking all kinds of cover over what  they have made?, then they really admit that they do not like what they see.

LIFE is a challenge to our mind and body and it is the way we tackle this that develop us as humans. That is why many photographers like to take pictures of faces, faces that tell us a story. The sad thing is that most of the faces only show the hard times of their life, it shows how the burdens has been too much on the negative side. Those who try to conquer bad times in a positive way can have a face with fewer wrinkles and maybe with more smiling wrinkles. Harmony and balance gives also traces in the face, wrinkles is not only a negative map

Because we can do something with our face as age comes, we can change the way we look at ourselves. We can try to see the positive in everything, not to get to much worries served every day to the face, look at your face, smile at your face and love your face, massage it every day by your own fingers, they love your face. Use some natural good creams that moistures your face. You can use nearly all the food that you eat, milk and cream, water and fruit also fat from fish.

But remember the face needs sun and fresh air and if you eat and drink all kind of natural food you will get what you need, what it is all about is more how you think, feel and act, do you love yourself and your life?


Moister is always something our skin needs, but to put moister on all day and night will be like taking away the skins own work. The body’s skin system that covers all of us is a self-helping organism that knows what we need.

But to live in offices and homes that have bad dry indoor climate dries out the skin. So to water the skin with lotions and natural skin helpers must sometimes be a good thing to do.

We use a clean – natural – and pure skin helper.

But advice you to find out if your home is well ventilated and if you drink enough water every day.


Clay is considered to be good to facial cleansing and this Glacial Clay is special good for oily and acne skin.

Us it as often you feel for it and it will refine pores and reduce breakouts.