Energy Blend is a mixture of oils and essential oils from flowers and plants and herbs. But they must all have the same frequency to get the right blend. To mix essential oils is the same as to use crayons in different colours and then colour the same thing, it will not be pretty, the same with oils. They must have the right frequency and smell to get the fragrance to mix each other’s odours. We use three different essences to get a good blend.

The different essence shall also blend with the different colours, and since Colour Energy has worked with frequencies and colours for more than 30 years and have found the code for integration colours with other objects that goes under the same frequency, like humans.

Humans are like flowers, either they will send out their frequency in RED or in another colour, but if that RED person take bath in a Red colour, which also is mixed with a blend of 3 RED frequencies of flower essences, it starts to make sense, especially if the persons in RED want to have something done.

So if you want to try our Colour Blend, be aware of what kind of your own Colour Energy you want to help, either in getting more energy or less energy, and also what kind of Colour Blend you want to use in your bath or on your body, and last, do not forget to be in your own consciousness.

To start to live among colours and frequencies tells that you start to be a conscious person, and that is a great step for a human. Because our consciousness is our contact with the Universe.

How to Colour Your MOODS

Moods are something that has to do with your own energy resources. When you are in balance your mood is also in balance and very seldom do you meet people who are unstable or nervous or restless when the Body and Mind is in balance.

But we all have times when our moods show us who we are, because our moods have to do with our colour energies, and since we have seven of them all are our primary colours, but two other colures are secondary energies, and one bottle contain all our seven colour enrgies, we sure have moods enough to choose from.

Then the question must be; do you know your Colour Energies, your personal Colour Energies? Probably not, but then you can learn a little by using our products or learning more on our educational web sites. Because we make products to help those energies that are a great part of your living existence.

We live every day because the power that the Sun sends down to Earth contains seven colour rays. And they are the same rays that we live on, and the flowers and herbs we use in our products also live by the Sun rays, so by using our products we help to fill up for the energy that you need.

An energy center with too little energy resources will get out of balance and you are the only one that can fill it up, either with thoughts or by eating and drinking, or by using helpers as this MOOD Blend.