PINK BATH is a type of Colour bath that has only one message that is LOVE, Unconditional Love. A very difficult kind of love, since it has nothing to do with you, you do not give this Love to others in order to get something back. You love others because you want to give them something.
If you ever have taking an Aura picture of yourself or others, I do not believe you have seen much Pink energy in it. It is seldom, because it is an energy which is so clean and pure, the frequencies are so fast and high that a GREEN hearth has problems to store it for more than some seconds.
The colour PINK doesn’t belong to our body, it is an spiritual colour and you can use it if you have some spiritual matters you want help with , but just to bath in Pink for fun is not fun. But if you are conscious about your own situation, and feel that you need the PINK colour to help you with your own problems, and you are open for the fact that this PINK colour is a spiritual colour and must be treated as such, then you are in a two ways system for help and then this can be a nice bath. Remember that a bath is a conscious action; you do something you want to do.
But you can bath small children in PINK, they are innocent and the colour can be good for them.