This can become a meeting with the spiritual side of you, the creative energy.
The Violet energy opens up to everything that is alive in you, as LIFE itself you will find in the Violet energy.
The best thing you can do when you have decided to take a Violet bath is to lean comfortably backward in the water, relax your body and drain your thoughts from the brain, and simply be present in your consciousness. If you are receptive, things will come by themselves, because everything within you live on spiritual knowledge.
But if you intentionally wish to get in contact with your Violet energy, then you should know what you want and when you are in the water you talk to the Violet energy about what you want an answer to, it will be like confirming to yourself what you really want, and then you can relax and await the answer. This is a sort of self-evaluation; you rinse your brain and prepare it for something you want.
You brain and your body are not unfamiliar about what you think and what actions you take, but may be you are not aware of it, and then you are actually not a complete human being. But if you learn to know yourself and your body and your organs, you will become one, and that is totally a different feeling.