TURQUOISE BATH is an excellent bath to use if you need help to talk freely and honest. It is a clear and clean energy. It inspires us to be confident in our way of thinking and being, and help us to speak out what we have on our Mind.
Children of today have much of this attitude, but parents and teachers need to teach them that one energy is not enough, they need to have the wise and knowledgeable Blue energy in mind too, and also the seriously and earthly RED energy to, it is never enough with one energy form, they need “helpers” from nearly all of the 7 colour energies.
But a turquoise bath do no harm , it is only if you really want to go deeper into one colour, that you must be aware of what kind of coexistence there is between the colures. They are one for all and all for one. We as humans do not live like that.