It is almost impossible to go wrong when using a GREEN BATH. When bathing in the Green water it feels like being in contact with nature, in a way you rinse away all negative thoughts and feel cleansed. Green energy is our balancing energy. It has its own ability to give peace and harmony to the mind.
And if you have tired muscles, particularly in feet and legs and they swell, then a Green foot bath is a blessing.
But if you are void of energy, it is never good idea to take a stimulating bath, before you get in balance h with a Green bath first. But after you have calmed down your body and got balance back, you can start strengthen yourself little by little, with colours that have those qualities that you are looking for. But be sure that you use baths which will give you the strength you need, more than those you want.
But learn about the colours, and you will better understand why both your thoughts and your body is made after a particular recipe, the light. Find your own recipe for energy bath and start living.