YELLOW ENERGY is what we call a mental energy. That means that it stimulates our brain more that it stimulates our body, but Yellow Energy is closely connected to nerves, so if one is nervous, upset and uneasy it is not the right time to take a Yellow bath. Then a Green bath is a better way to get in touch with our emotional nerve system.
Everything that has to do with nerves and insecurity has something to do with how we deal with our negative thoughts. A Yellow bath should be a positive bath if you want to strengthen your curiosity, your knowledge or the pleasure of using Yellow energy as a mental “helper”
Children and youth who are going to school all day long needs a mental break, and if they still want to learn more, then a relaxing yellow bath will clear up their mind and make them ready for more knowledge. Nothing is like a yellow soothing mind bath, it gives a great pleasure from taking a Yellow bath.