To bath in ORANGE energy is wonderful, it is pure joy. Children and up to old age can enjoy themselves so much if they give themselves a time brake in this emotional and enjoyable colour. Everybody who knows a person with ORANGE as their main colour, know how much love an joy they give away to others. It is not an EGO colour it is a, we and us colour, were everybody feels included.
So it is with a bath in ORANGE too, it is so relaxing. The colour of the water include you, and you want to laugh and sing. You are so close to happiness as you can get , you just want to stay there.
We need ORANGE, it fills us with a good feeling of, I like myself. But it can also be too much of ORANGE since it is an emotional colour energy. Then it is important to remember that we must find balance in our colours, and use them when we need them.
ORANGE is a morning bath and a day bath, but not an evening bath, it has too much life force in it for that. So do not give your children an ORANGE evening bath, then you must use BLUE colour.