RED BATH is not a bath you should take every day, and never when you are tired, or have alcohol in your body. Never when you are sick or do not feel well. The RED colour is just as strong as you see it in our “colours of the day” in our web site.
And it is just as strong as you can see it on a man who has RED energy as his main energy; and it is not many of them. But we need RED energy in order to survive, but since many people think that RED energy is muscles and only physical energy they often end up with a confused thought about that person. Look at the eyes, see how he moves, how he talks and how he acts, then you will meet a RED person.
I can advise you to take a RED bath when you are happy with your body and Mind, and feel good, and if you want to talk to the body, and want to tell that you are grateful for the way your body works for you. The red energy will like that you feel that you are whole and pleased with your life. Because then the RED bath and you are on the same level. Your frequencies in the body and the wavelength of you mind is floating in the water , the colours and you are no longer two things, but one human.
When you feel that you understand your RED energy, you can bath when you need more vitality, courage or an inner strength, but you must want it, not only think you want it.