BATH

Water is a fantastic Medium for the body. When the body lies in water in a bathtub or in lakes and oceans, the body feels it is at home again. Remember we have been in water for 9 months growing as a human to be born into the Air. These two, water and air are the two elements we are going to live with, for the rest of our lives here on Earth.

Physiologically we feel well in a bathtub filled with water, we become weightless and relaxed, we feel well. But water can also be a good medium for us, when we put colours in the water, the water feels good too, because the colours are the water’s best friends. They were born together from the beginning of our world.

So now it is up to you and what Colour you are going to enter this bath with, because your choice of Colour and also the thought you have in your head, should match in frequencies, if you do it right.

The frequency of the Colour your bath is filled with, and your own wish can now start a communication with your body, the water and the colour and your own thoughts are all you need.

Remember this: it is your attention, your wish and the right colour that will be activated in this combination.

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